BBM Messenger for Windows 7/8 PC/Laptop – How to download and Install

BBM is the best Blackberry messenger and exclusive for Black berry phones and it si later developed to Android Mobilke phones. BBM is an illustrious and also one of the great in Android application in the communication of category which was to be developed by the BlackBerry Limited. There are many other apps are available, which you can use in bluestacks. Like you can use gbwhatsapp in bluestacks, and official whatsapp etc and much more. This is a perfect of choice to be you if you wish to be install an Messenger is in your PC because, from it has got a some astonishing of aspects like a free voice calls, group chat and also it fulfills of all your requirements. So, it is a simply dig in to these of well-arranged and also to be a simple steps to be download BBM for the PC. Download BBM for Pc with Windows 7 and Ios Os.

Install BBM for PC

Install BBM for PC

You will feel be comfortable and while doing of this process, because of it is a pretty of simple one. So it follows them to be carefully and to do as it.

How to run  BBM Android app on Windows PC or Mac pc

Using BBM in the PC is to be an easy but of you have to be know how to be get the start with this. Let us to see that in a stepwise of manner.

  • As usual first download and install blue-stack Android App  and Search for  BBM App  .
  • You will be see that this sort of the window and click on the BBM.
  • Then the click is on Create Account by the entering of your Name, Gmail address and Password
  • Verify of your Gmail to make it to BlackBerry ID
  • Choose whether of you want to be and receive the latest news about the BBM or not, and also BBM starts of its set up after of this step.
  • You can also skip of the next step or to be a click OK, i.e., about the giving access to be a BBM to be periodically of finding out of your contacts. Anyways also you can be a modified of it afterwards.
  • Invite of your friends to be a join of the conversation or click on “Continue”.

Features of BBM Messenger:

Download BBM chatting mesenger for windows 7 and windows 8 and it has many advanced features

  • 50 million of people are to using the BBM of all over of the world
  • Free Voice Call is making an option for the BBM users.
  • Allow of your friends is to be see of your location on the live map
  • It knows the exact of time when of others are to giving a reply to you
  • It is easy to be a sharing of the photos documents, photos and also files etc
  • Express of your feelings with the exact emotions .
  • Group chat is also be an available .
  • Sending one message is to be many of people are at once .
  • GIFs are also be an available as the profile pictures .
  • Bugs are also be a fixed and also improvement in the functioning.

Advantages of BBM messenger for PC / Laptop

  • Using BBM messenger is more convenient than compare to the mobile device
  • You can type faster with keyboard than in a touch device , if you BBM with Pc
  • You can chat or get messages directly to your PC .
  • Multi tasking is possible with Pc as compared  to Mobile device
  • If you may work many hours with pc then it is right choice.

Dis-advantages with BBM for PC/Laptop:

Like Advantages there are some dis-advantages with BBM For Pc / laptop.

  • You would not be always online  if you use BBM in windows or windows 8 Pc
  • You could not carry your PC or laptop wit  your like mobile

My final words are using this tutorial you can download BBM Android App for WIndows pc very easily  and use just like your Mobile device. Do you have any suggestions and tutorial please post on Whats apps Download for PC we definitely reply you as soon as possible.


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